Communicate, Show, Tell, Challenge.

The only thing you can see consistently is Change.

Yet the fundamentals of layout and design remain.

  • We are a visual society.  For all our technical sophistication and ability we still seek the almost mystical property that the image presents.

  • Communication with images must be instantaneous.   If your purpose is to educate, you need clear, clean imaging. Show the information without distraction. Make the viewer comfortable  in the knowledge that the tools to understand are presented clearly.

  • Never settle for mediocrity.  A wise man once told me, "Beware the lollypop of mediocrity. One lick and you will suck forever." Today's graphic applications make the difficult easy for a growing generation of artists. Yet the communication of content eludes so many. Taking chances and placing the designer in the viewer's shoes can make a world of difference.


I hope I can show a little of my ability so we can begin a meaningful dialogue.


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